TLC's Advantage

The leasing of technology has become an increasingly common solution in helping companies update their systems while maintaining their competitive edge. With over 81 years of combined experience in leasing technology, our management can offer more creative and effective ways for you to move into the technology you want and out of the technology you no longer need. In other words, we believe that through the efficient management of technology assets we can greatly improve a company’s long term competitiveness!

TLC understands the importance of flexibility and of keeping pace with information technology. We also realize the need for those solutions to be cost effective as well as time sensitive. For those reasons, we design a custom solution for each of our customers. These solutions are designed to address each customer’s unique equipment needs and financial goals, giving them the flexibility to change their minds when the situation warrants it.

TLC Flexibility

• We will allow for serial number substitution (within the lessee’s lease inventory) when returning equipment.

• We will allow partial return, purchase or schedule extension.

• We have special invoicing capabilities and can invoice you in formats based on your needs.

• Internet access to lease portfolio and lease reports by location, maturity and schedule, as well as individual serial number (password protected).

• Master Lease negotiations are timely, with an eye to a mutually beneficial agreement.

• Aiding our customers with de-installation and transportation out when equipment is returned (upon request).

• No minimum schedule size for add-on business for existing lease customers.

• Lease rate factors can be quoted for up to 12 months (with adjustment for interest rate/technology changes).

• Above all, TLC is committed to solving its customer’s problems with creative, flexible solutions.

Technology Advantages

With the ever changing demands and structure of “Corporate America” it is no longer possible to forecast the long term technological needs of your business. The predicted growth rate at the beginning of the year can quickly change as a result of mergers, acquisitions, and legislation. Leasing technology provides the flexibility to ensure that your systems are capable of handling your current and future technology needs, with little effect to the bottom line.

TLC’s expertise in the remarketing of used technology gives us the flexibility to restructure agreements during the lease period. You can upgrade, extend and add features to your networks without negotiating a completely new lease or having concerns about disposing of the replaced equipment. We can source equipment as well as work with a supplier with whom you already have a relationship. Thanks to TLC’s strong industry relationships, we can get the most for your used systems and are more able to serve your needs.

Financial Advantages

Balance Sheet Benefits: Desktop leasing can be structured to allow a corporation to improve its balance sheet leverage by not requiring it to list the equipment leased as a liability under the FASB 13 accounting rules.

Cash Management: Technology leasing can be used as a means to leverage a corporation’s cash and thus allow it to purchase more technology for its money or use its cash for the core business needs.

Fair Market Value: TLC clearly defines a “fair market value”, extension options and purchase options at the beginning of the relationship so that before you sign the lease agreement there is a clear understanding of the cost and formula used to calculate these options.

Logistical Advantages

TLC’s sophisticated lease accounting system, “FLEXX”, allows us to track your assets by location, lease schedule, cost center and any other variable that is important to your internal accounting requirements. We can bill you in almost any format you wish, allowing you to process our invoices smoothly and painlessly.

Available Resources

TLC has the market and industry knowledge to ensure that our customers have the opportunity to move in and out of technology, with respect to the best cost and timing. With our strong third party contacts and close vendor ties, we assure that our customers are receiving the optimum price for both the purchase of new equipment and the return of unessential equipment. The availability of these resources allows the customer to make cost effective technological decisions based on need, not just the effect to the financial statement.

Reporting Capabilities

We make all of our customer reports available via the Internet (password protected). Our customers can sort and export their data by schedule, location or maturity. They may also search by individual serial number. Upon customer’s request, we can supply lease data in other formats including CD or hard copy.