TLC’s Flexx Leasing

With TLC’s “FLEXX” lease program our customers can manage large numbers of like or similar equipment, being installed in numerous locations, over multiple months. FLEXX allows customers to set parameters for the size (both dollar and location wise) as well as how often a new schedule will be started. The optimum structure allows for the smallest number of schedules and the best grouping. TLC and the customer agree on a lease rate factor that applies to each item as it is billed by the vendor. All invoices are sent to TLC with a copy to the customer for approval. Upon approval we pay the vendor and begin to bill for that equipment until that schedule is complete.


This program results in the billing of additional interim rent. However, the benefits of fewer schedules, punctual payment to vendors, simplified implementation with “piece meal” ordering and grouping by department, location or cost center, far outweigh the additional rent. We structure the plan to specifically suit the customer’s needs. This is the type of structure most of our PC customers are using, because it allows them the flexibility they need to manage their technology assets.